The Treasure

When did something made to serve Become the thief of time? The tools we said would lead to ease Have failed to give us the life sublime. Looking back, the pattern is there We focus more on look, don’t miss And of the living moment we are unaware. Before the bytes and megas and gigsContinue reading “The Treasure”

Pandemic life, racism, uncertainty, and peace

I have deliberated for a brief period regarding what, if anything, I should write. My last entry came before our society was faced in earnest with a global pandemic, a new invisible enemy. We also have been grappling with an old invisible enemy, one that is even more difficult to fight than a virus- racism.Continue reading “Pandemic life, racism, uncertainty, and peace”

Twenty-one Lessons From Chess

Those who know the rules of the game and play by them best usually win. Every group or organization has its culture. Every potential deal has its players and personalities. In addition to simply wanting something, you have to learn about the rules which dictate the play of your particular problem.┬áTake time to learn aboutContinue reading “Twenty-one Lessons From Chess”