Quaranta means forty in the Italian speech, Which makes me write this poem, understandably, a reach. In forty-four minutes get twice the “Rick and Morty.” It’s your third point in tennis, if you happen to be sporty. The gang of thieves was just huge that ran with Ali Baba; The Titanic got the warning fromContinue reading “Quarantine”

The Old Kashubian Elixir

When I was very young I spoke with my mother about witchcraft. I was only curious to know if her experience had anything to add to what I had been able to piece together from reading and, of course, popular media. I wasn’t surprised at all when she told me a few things she knewContinue reading “The Old Kashubian Elixir”

The Fitness Journey

117. This was the number that finally made a difference. It was the number that shook me out of the latest downward spiral I had been in for how long – I can’t say. The fitness I wanted for myself had, at that point, been pushed aside into irrelevance by the forces of depression andContinue reading “The Fitness Journey”

The Oldest Ritual

Not long ago I decided to modify my shaving routine by switching to a straight razor. There isn’t a logical reason for this, unless it might be using slightly less electricity in a day. Saving money was not my motivation for this change, though, so I wondered for a while why I should do this.Continue reading “The Oldest Ritual”

Are you a warrior?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. A warrior in a garden- this is my chosen title for this new writing endeavor. According to the internet, a conversation once took place between a student and his teacher, the great Bruce Lee. The conversation was something similar to this. “Sensei, why do weContinue reading “Are you a warrior?”

The wizard, herbalist, teacher, father, traveler, doctor, reader, tinkerer, chef, poet, writer, warrior, and gardener….

You’ve stumbled upon an odd collection of thoughts. Please take off your shoes at the door. I am all of this, more, nothing, and something completely different. My writing is placed here to move it out of my head, which, considering its tendency to delete information, is a good thing. I am a writer whoContinue reading “The wizard, herbalist, teacher, father, traveler, doctor, reader, tinkerer, chef, poet, writer, warrior, and gardener….”