Who Do You Think You Are?

Those who are asking, Do they figure they know And need not bother with any unmasking, The answer as plain as fresh fallen snow? The snow. Funny how it falls over and onto everything and looks so clean. But whenever you try to make that pristine TV snowman, no matter how you try, the moreContinue reading “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Our Daily Bread

The current situation with bread is certainly not good. Throughout my life I have been aware of the stark differences in approach, methods, attitudes, and understanding about bread in America and Germany. Some of my earliest and best memories from childhood include the taste, smell, texture and sound of eating German broetchen. Beyond the smallContinue reading “Our Daily Bread”

Goals and Accomplishments

In January of 2018 I found myself in a hospital emergency room. I had just been involved in a bad accident on the highway. Driving to work, the traffic ahead was approaching a stand-still just ahead of a major exit/entrance system. It was quite dark at that early hour, but the morning work traffic wasContinue reading “Goals and Accomplishments”

Great Loss Lingers

The Haunting of Bly Manor caught my attention recently. I have enjoyed the storytelling of the series far more than I expected to. It brings to mind the type of framing used in graphic novels. The narration is easy and natural, like the sort I admire from Neil Gaiman. There will be plenty of opinionsContinue reading “Great Loss Lingers”

Public Schools, Standardized Testing, Pandemics, and Coconuts

“You’ve got two empty halves of coconut, and you’re bangin’ ’em together.” – Monty Python and the Holy Grail I have spent some time recently trying to compose something on the topics of standards based grading and standardized testing in our public schools.  The time to shout about these tests, grading systems, and the stateContinue reading “Public Schools, Standardized Testing, Pandemics, and Coconuts”

America needs some Spaghettieis

It isn’t terribly hard to make, and the concept is simple enough. Press ice cream through an extruder to make it look like noodles. Add chocolate truffles for meatballs. Sauce can be a strawberry syrup. Shredded cheese is easy to copy with grated white chocolate. That’s Spaghettieis. In Germany it is a common sweet treat,Continue reading “America needs some Spaghettieis”

On the 28th Start of the School Year

This year was supposed to start much like the other twenty-seven before it, but those were all years BC, Before Covid. I said it. If you steal it, I’ll know. Moving forward as you would have expected simply no longer applies. Those who try to follow the usual path will likely fall off of aContinue reading “On the 28th Start of the School Year”

The Treasure

When did something made to serve Become the thief of time? The tools we said would lead to ease Have failed to give us the life sublime. Looking back, the pattern is there We focus more on look, don’t miss And of the living moment we are unaware. Before the bytes and megas and gigsContinue reading “The Treasure”

Pandemic life, racism, uncertainty, and peace

I have deliberated for a brief period regarding what, if anything, I should write. My last entry came before our society was faced in earnest with a global pandemic, a new invisible enemy. We also have been grappling with an old invisible enemy, one that is even more difficult to fight than a virus- racism.Continue reading “Pandemic life, racism, uncertainty, and peace”

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved

For more than a year I have been keeping data for the sake of my fitness journey. Using the Lifesum app on my phone, I have been recording everything I eat, all of my exercises and steps, and in so doing, charting progress in many ways. But one of the things about it that buggedContinue reading “What Gets Measured, Gets Improved”