The Treasure

When did something made to serve

Become the thief of time?

The tools we said would lead to ease

Have failed to give us the life sublime.

Looking back, the pattern is there

We focus more on look, don’t miss

And of the living moment we are unaware.

Before the bytes and megas and gigs

Distractions shone from screens built large

And power from wires, towers, rigs.

Small screens now we have in hand

Amazing tools equipped for speed

Connecting with ease through data streams

Not pausing for borders or land.

Privacy and peace, if they ever were real

Seem too easy now to give

For the latest flash and the newest sound

Just sign up for another deal.

Yet through it all, time spent with no end

A lucky few find truths to share

And there are righteous fights for justice or peace

Or the prize beyond worth- a friend.

Published by blytheobservations

I’m an educator for many years in the great Midwest. I try to focus on being a decent human. My three kids are hopefully learning good things from me. Perfectly boiling an egg has been added to the resume. We take pleasure in small victories. I’m probably driving around right now looking for firewood.

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