Are Preppers Gloating?

You might know something about preppers from personal experience or maybe from tv shows like “Doomsday Preppers.” These are the folks who have made preparations for some sort of disaster, threat, or apocalyptic scenario. They have food storage, power systems, water reserves, and, of course, defenses for their strongholds.

A few weeks ago everyone would have had a laugh, or maybe a dismissive comment regarding Preppers. Now I imagine the attitude toward them is shifting a bit toward admiration and away from derision.

I don’t know anyone who has gone to the extremes depicted on the tv shows, but I am reminded of my grandparents. When they were alive, I remember walking in their garage. It was equipped with shelving from top to bottom. Most of the shelves held the jars of food that they had canned themselves.

In addition to the canning jars, they had a large chest freezer stuffed with meats. They had lived through the Great Depression. They knew something about shortages, hunger, and want.

My grandma told me once when I had asked about all of the food, why she kept it all the way she did. She said in her plainspoken Kentucky way that because of what she had lived through, no one in her family should ever have to be hungry. I understand that now more than ever.

I don’t advocate hoarding, but I do think we can learn extremely valuable lessons about preparedness from our elders. We shouldn’t become so devoted to societal conveniences that we forget our most important qualities of independence and self-reliance.

Published by blytheobservations

I’m an educator for many years in the great Midwest. I try to focus on being a decent human. My three kids are hopefully learning good things from me. Perfectly boiling an egg has been added to the resume. We take pleasure in small victories. I’m probably driving around right now looking for firewood.

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