The wizard, herbalist, teacher, father, traveler, doctor, reader, tinkerer, chef, poet, writer, warrior, and gardener….

You’ve stumbled upon an odd collection of thoughts. Please take off your shoes at the door.

I am all of this, more, nothing, and something completely different. My writing is placed here to move it out of my head, which, considering its tendency to delete information, is a good thing.

I am a writer who has been interrupted by and inspired by life. Some of these observations will fit into categories, and some will not. This is how life presents itself. I will write about… food, music, books, education, travel, history, love, animals, finance, healing, magic, beauty, and anything else I choose to explore.

I love to learn new things, and also to share it with others. So, if you choose to subscribe to this blog, don’t be a silent follower. Engage me with your thoughts.

Published by blytheobservations

I’m an educator for many years in the great Midwest. I try to focus on being a decent human. My three kids are hopefully learning good things from me. Perfectly boiling an egg has been added to the resume. We take pleasure in small victories. I’m probably driving around right now looking for firewood.

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